Thanksgiving 2005 outside of the Bush vacation ranch near Crawford, Texas with Cindy Sheehan.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Come one, come all!

This upcoming weekend (27th and 28th) is going to be HUGE at Camp Casey! It's the last weekend we will spend in Crawford before heading to D.C., and we want to lots of people here to experience the wonder of Camp Casey.

Saturday we will be having a fabulous Texas-style BBQ at Casey II, to which we have invited the President and First Lady (though I suspect the food will be more authentically Texan than they are).
Sunday is a National Day of Prayer for the troops; regardless of your political persuasion or position on the war, this is a day for you and your community to pray for/meditate on the troops' well-being in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When you come to Crawford, please try to carpool, caravan, or rent a van or bus. We are trying to limit traffic flow and gas usage.

If you can't come to Crawford this weekend, we urge you to set up Camp Caseys in your hometowns! Pick a safe, conspicuous area, and bring lots of water, umbrellas and suncreen. Make pro-peace posters with your favorite (appropriate) slogans. Engage in stimulating political discourse. Get each other excited about taking an active role in the peace process. Listen to some fun music. Etc.

FOR ALL PRO-PEACE ACTIVISTS/CINDY SUPPORTERS: Our goal here at Camp Casey has always been peaceful demonstration. Even when pro-Bush people come by and heckle us, we just smile, wave and say, "Thanks for coming! Peace!" We do not want to get involved in shouting matches or any other escalated confrontation. We know that no argument can be made against our work to save American and Iraqi lives. So if ever confronted, just take a deep breath and enjoy being in the right :)

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