Thanksgiving 2005 outside of the Bush vacation ranch near Crawford, Texas with Cindy Sheehan.
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Friday, August 19, 2005


Operation: Noble Cause

There is nothing on this earth more moving than seeing a group of military families standing together in solidarity. When they speak, it is doubly so. Today's press conference under the blazing sun (yes, still complaining about the sun) was devoted to all of the Gold Star Families for Peace and members of Military Families Speak Out that had come to join Cindy in her stand against the war. Mimi Evans, whose son is deploying to Iraq within days, opened the conference saying, "Mr. President, we are here outside your ranch, and we are staying here. We Gold Star Families, MFSO and Iraq vets will remain encamped here until you meet with us-- because we ALL deserve answers." Representatives from the other families as well as the Iraq vets added their messages to the President.

You know what Bush should really hear, though? He should have to sit down with these families, like so many of us here at Camp Casey have done, and hear their stories about the loss of their children, or the awful anxiety of having them over in Iraq. He should have to spend a half an hour with Beatrice Torres, the aunt of Daniel Torres who was killed in Iraq this year, and listen to her read Daniel's letter to his fiance, written 4 hours before he was killed by a roadside bomb. He should have to hear Beatrice sob as she recounts having to tell Daniel's fiance, already several weeks pregnant with their child, that the love of her life had been killed. In fact, Beatrice's story is so moving that I recorded it so others could listen-- I hope to have the audio file up soon.

Photography by Emily Sharpe, copyright 2005.

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