Thanksgiving 2005 outside of the Bush vacation ranch near Crawford, Texas with Cindy Sheehan.
Daily reports and photos to come . . .


Tuesday, August 16, 2005


We're moving!!!

Miracles happen all the time here at Camp Casey, and this one in particular is pretty amazing: Crawford resident Fred Mattlage has offered us his land as a new base for our camp! This land is a gift in more than one sense-- it is more private and secure than our current location on Prarie Chapel road; it provides us with more space to set up; and it's a HECK of a lot closer to Bush's ranch. It is also adjacent to the church Bush attends while in Crawford, so maybe we'll get a glimpse of him this Sunday. And who knows, during his time in God's house he might just be moved to walk over and greet Cindy. But then, perhaps this is too great a miracle to expect.

With this new, exciting opportunity comes some new needs. This site has far fewer trees than the old one, and so we're going to be baking under the Texas sun. To help us stay healthy and cool, we REALLY need the following:

1. large tents (both the camping type and the canopy type)
2. tarps

And remember, our much larger campsite means that we now have more room for YOU!!! Whether you can stay for a few hours, a few days or until the end of August, you are welcome at Camp Casey. People keep streaming in from all over the United States and the world, and we are so thrilled to have them.

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