Thanksgiving 2005 outside of the Bush vacation ranch near Crawford, Texas with Cindy Sheehan.
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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Gold Star Families for Peace gather at Bush ranch check point

Cindy Sheehan and peace activists from across the country wrapped up Thanksgiving outside the Bush vacation ranch today. Festivities included a press conference, book signing, big tent rally, secret service checkpoint protest, mass balloon release, and a evening candle light vigil.

The march to the Bush secret service checkpoint was cancelled due to poor weather but dozens of folks took up positions at the checkpoint anyway. Gold Star Families for Peace members, including Cindy Sheehan and her sister DeDe Miller, chanted "What noble cause?" as Secret Service SUVs passed.

Due to the presence of the protesters, the president's convoy detoured past Camp Casey and the peace rally.

More photos from Crawford today
Photos by Jeff Paterson. Copywrite 2005

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