Thanksgiving 2005 outside of the Bush vacation ranch near Crawford, Texas with Cindy Sheehan.
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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Exodus 20:13

Canaan Baptist Church, where George Bush attends services when in Crawford. It's located across the street from both the Bush ranch and Camp Casey #2. This morning, nine Gold Star families held a brief ceremony in front of the gravemarkers at Camp 2 with Rev. Andrew Weaver before walking down the street to worship at Canaan Baptist Church. There was a simultaneous non-denominational service held at the camp site to honor fallen soldiers and their families and offer a prayer for the future.

Photograph by Emily Sharpe, copyright 2005.


Rocking for peace

James McMurtry, a political/folk/rock singer came to Camp Casey last night to entertain the troops. Steve Earle followed, singing "Rich Man's War" along with other favorites. Hey, we sit in ditches all day, it's nice to have a little entertainment once in awhile! Speaking of entertainment, check back here tonight for an update on this evening's performer-- nothing says "Peace Movement" like she does.

Photograph by Diego Orjuela, copyright 2005


Under the big top

It's incredible to think that Camp Casey began exactly two weeks ago Saturday with a grieving mother and a close band of supporters sleeping in a ditch along Prarie Chapel Road. The total number of participants coming to Crawford has now swelled by thousands; the infrastructure has gone from tents in the ditch, no bathroom facilities and rudimentary meals to a huge white tent, scores of porta-potties and multi-course dinners. Hundreds of volunteers and donors have come together to make this all possible, and these little improvements in comfort will sustain us until August 31st!

Photograph by Emily Sharpe, copyright 2005.


Field of Crosses

Photograph by Emily Sharpe, copyright 2005


Arlington West expands

Camp Casey #2 with 200 crosses in front. Combined with the crosses already erected at Camp Casey #1, there are a total of 1000 in Crawford. The group Veterans for Peace are going to work to put up all 1850 crosses within the week. Yesterday evening, Lance Corporal Jeff Key, Iraq vet, played taps at the edge of the crosses.

Photograph by Emily Sharpe, copyright 2005.


Second camp site

Our tent at the new camp site. We've decided not to move everything to the new camp site because both the first and second sites are now reaching full capacity. The first site on Prarie Chapel Road is dedicated to camping, and the second is used for events and food.

Photograph by Emily Sharpe, copyright 2005

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